Ball Transfer Units Sheet Steel

Ball Transfer Units Sheet Steel have good rolling  properties owing to their very low frictional resistance.  This reduces the work and effort required in cargo handling.  Ball Transfer Units allow you to transport goods conveyed in all directions. Among other areas, these units are used in the metal-working industry and in conveyor systems. In ball and feed tables, these standard Ball Transfer Units have proven themselves over the decades.  Ball Transfer Units with sheet steel housing allow for easy fitting into a wide-tolerance bore. These units do not require an additional fastening, given that their housing is tapered.

The number and location of ball Transfer Units depends on the weight to be conveyed as well as the size and the properties of the base area of the load. In order to ensure that the base area of the load fully rests on Ball Transfer Units and it does not slip into the gaps between the ball casters, the shortest edge length of the goods to be conveyed is divided by 2.5.