Rehberg Ball Transfer Units

consist of a big ball, which is supported by several small balls. The small supporting balls run in a hemispheric shell made of hardened steel embedded in a housing.

This construction effects a smooth running of the balls and allows effortless tranportation or moving of even heavy loads in any direction, with rolling friction and at a speed of up to approximaitely 2 m/sec.

Our manufacturing program includes Ball Transfer Units with big balls having diameters ranging from   8 bis  90 mm of sheet steel, massive steel or stainless steel with load capacities up to 4.000 kg/unit.unit, at a temperature of 20°C.  Several attachment possibilities allow universal applications.

When used for heavy loads, as for instance pallets, containers, etc., high shock loads, due to the merchandise to be moved, wil occour.   When used outdoors, ambient influences like dust, rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures between –50°C and +80°C occur. For these conditions we have developed Ball Transfer Units with special coating and corrosion-resistant components.