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    Ball Transfer Units are available on great terms, in small and large quantities, right from the manufacturer. A large number of products can be delivered ex works.

Quality Ball Transfer Units can be obtained from your specialist.

Rehberg Ball Transfer Units have been a practical transport solution for industrial facilities, manufacturing facilities, and airports for more than 50 years.

Ball Transfer Units are used in almost all industrial areas, particularly in aerospace, where loading goods in the shortest time and with the least physical strain possible is key. Other areas of use include stationary and mobile transport and conveyor systems, sorting and distribution facilities, lifting platforms, and processing centers for large workpieces. Ball Transfer Units transport loads quickly and easily from one position to another. Goods conveyed can be turned easily, and they can be moved in all directions. Ball Transfer Units and all tables are used around the world, among other areas in the sheet-metal working industry, in stationary and mobile transport and conveyor facilities but also anywhere where heavy goods, materials, and tools are transported, and where these need to be put into position for further processing.

Shifting, turning, and positioning heavy loads without huge physical strains

We provide the right technical solution for your need for Ball Transfer Units, be they made of steel plate, solid steel or should you require spring-mounted ball transfer units. Depending on the size and material of the ball transfer unit, it has different carrying and transport properties. Ball Transfer Units with plastic balls are gentle on the surfaces of sensitive goods. Ball Transfer Units made of massive steel let you convey loads of up to 3,000 kg per roll. We have developed ball transfer units with a stable case, special sealing, and corrosion-protected material for outdoor use, where environmental factors such as dust, rain, snow, ice, and extreme temperatures occur.

Ball Transfer Units Sheet Steel

Ball Transfer Units Sheet Steel have good rolling properties owing to their very low frictional resistance.  This reduces the work and effort required in cargo handling.  Ball Transfer Units allow you to transport goods conveyed in all directions. Among other areas, these units are used in the metal-working industry and in conveyor systems. In ball and feed tables, these standard Ball Transfer Units have proven themselves over the decades.  Ball Transfer Units with sheet steel housing allow for easy fitting into a wide-tolerance bore. These units do not require an additional fastening, given that their housing is tapered.

The number and location of ball Transfer Units depends on the weight to be conveyed as well as the size and the properties of the base area of the load. In order to ensure that the base area of the load fully rests on Ball Transfer Units and it does not slip into the gaps between the ball casters, the shortest edge length of the goods to be conveyed is divided by 2.5.

Ball Transfer Units Massive Steel

Ball Transfer Units Massive Steel  allow for smooth running into all directions, even with heavier loads. They easily let you turn, transport, and position the goods to be conveyed. Owing to the robust cover of the housing of the Ball Transfer Units, which is made of turned and hardened steel, Ball Transfer Units can be fitted both facing the floor and overhead. The solid material absorbs any shocks on the sides that may result from the good to be conveyed. Special coating and special corrosion-resistant, additional components allow you to use the system outside with different types of Ball Transfer Units.

Ball Transfer Units Spring Housing

Ball Transfer Units Spring Housing flexible absorb the strains of shocks, and they allow for even load distribution in transport of goods with an uneven surface.  Should the preload force exceed the load, then the Ball Transfer Unit absorbs the end force into the spring housing. The load is absorbed flexibly. Our range of products includes Ball Transfer units in different versions with various types of springs.

Special executions

Special executions for your individual needs. We offer good solutions for your specific application. Our production program includes Ball Transfer Units Massive Steel with threaded bolt or threaded plug, Ball Transfer Units with fixing flange and Ball Transfer Units without collar. We offer the desired Ball Transfer Unit on request.


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