The construction effects a smooth running of the balls and allows effortless transportation or moving of even heavy loads in any direction. Ball Transfer Units do not need a special maintenance.

Our manufacturing program includes ball transfer units with big balls having diameters from 8 up to 90mm, load capacity ranging up to approx. 35.000 N/unit.


Kugelrolle/Ball Transfer Unit SB Ball Transfer Unit Type SB
Housing manufactured of Sheet-Steel.
For general application in the area of transportation and feeding.
Version with big ball of plastic acailable, as well as completely of stainless steel.
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Kugelrolle/Ball Transfer Unit SM Ball Transfer Unit Type SM
Housing manufactured of massive-steel designed for shock loads.
Heavy duty versions for particular heavy loads available. Special executions, also in smaller quantities, can be produced according to your particular demand.
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Kugelrolle/Ball Transfer Unit RE Ball Transfer Unit Type RE with claw spring clip
Housing manufactured of special pressure-cast metal for outdoor use under extreme climatic conditions. Complete non-corroding execution available. A special seal ring prevents to a large degree the penetration of impurities into the bearing. Sound muffling execution
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Kugelrolle/Ball Transfer Unit SBF Ball Transfer Unit Type SBF with spring housing
serve the purpose to cushion shock loads and to distribute the load evenly, thus avoiding overload of single ball transfer units.
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  Ball Mats according to your necessities
help solve quite a lot of handling problems.
Examples of application: Crossing points between rolling lanes or band conveyors, feeding tables for sheet metal working machines or assembling for heavy machinery parts.
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